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Addax Lauds Kaztec's Technical Competence

Kaztec Completes Ebugu BC-2 Booster Compressor Installation

Kaztec.jpgABUJA, July 22, 2014 — On July 12, 2014, Kaztec Engineering Limited (, a leading 100 percent indigenous Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Commissioning and Management (EPCIC-M) provider in the Nigerian Oil & Gas landscape, announced the completion of the Ebugu BC-2 Booster Compressor installation in the OML 123 offshore field.

Kaztec is a subsidiary of the Chrome Group (, a leading West African oil and gas conglomerate.

Kaztec's Commercial Director, Mr. Marc Robillard, at a high-level meeting at the Addax headquarters in Geneva Switzerland, confirmed the announcement. Speaking during the visit, Mr. Robillard said, "This is another significant milestone for Kaztec Engineering. It demonstrates without a doubt our technical capability to deliver expertly on any engineering project."

"You may recall that two months ago, after a complex fabrication process, involving highly skilled engineers and fabricators, Kaztec commenced the load of Addax Petroleum Development Nigeria Limited's (APDNL) Ebugu Booster Compressor BC-2, onto Kaztec's pipelay derrick barge, the Ekulo Cheyenne."

"The successful installation of the BC-2 Compressor at OML 123 increased the output and productivity of the Ebugu wells," Mr. Robillard said.

APDNL Managing Director, Cornelis Zegelaar confirmed that the Ebugu BC-2 Compressor installation efficiently allows for the reinjection of gas into the reservoir. In doing so, he says, sufficient gas lift will then be available for underpinning production sustainability within the OML 123 Field. In responding to the question of expected capacity of the field, he said, "It is expected that this increase will be in the region of 6000 barrels of oil per day."

During the auspicious meeting, the CEO of Addax Petroleum, Mr. Xinmin Wu, echoed similar sentiments when he said; "Kaztec Engineering Limited has proven over the years that it is capable of handling projects successfully in Nigeria. I want to continue working with Kaztec to see a sustainable growth pattern."

"I can only echo what the CEO said. We enjoy the relationship that Addax/Kaztec has, and we are pleased with the mutual respect and seamless integration," Mr. Zegelaar said.

Addressing the audience, the Chairman of Kaztec, Sir Emeka Offor stated, "Our relationship with Addax has progressed very well; the integration has benefitted us as well as you. We see each other as a family."

The Chrome Group, founded in 1994 by Sir Emeka Offor, is one of Nigeria’s leading indigenous multinational businesses with subsidiaries operating in oil and gas exploration and production, oil and gas servicing, engineering, insurance, logistics and power industries.

About Kaztec Engineering Limited

Kaztec Engineering Limited is fast becoming a leader in the fabrication of drilling and production platforms, as well as other specialized structures in the oil and gas industry. The company is equipped to provide turnkey onshore and offshore fabrication and installation services. Its core capabilities include engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning of offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities for the oil and gas industry in West Africa. Kaztec values cultural individuality, a work ethic bound by quality, employee safety, and a strong focus on its clientele. Kaztec’s corporate headquarters is in Abuja, Nigeria. The company is a subsidiary of the Chrome Group, one of Nigeria’s leading indigenous conglomerates with companies operating in oil and gas exploration and production, oil and gas servicing, engineering, insurance, logistics and power industries.