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Inland Containers Nigeria Ltd.

Inland Containers Nigeria Ltd. (ICNL) is a leading integrated shipping and logistics company in West Africa, providing full service freight forwarding, shipping and logistics solutions to individuals, small and medium scale enterprises, conglomerates and governments across West Africa.

ICNL currently operates two Inland Container Terminals in Kaduna and Kano, which enable us handle the import and export operations of our customers in Northern Nigeria without such customers having to deal with the hassles of processing their cargo in Lagos or transporting them to or from Lagos ports. We are also in the process of completing an Inland Container Depot in Kaduna.

Services include the following:

Inland Container Terminals - ICNL operates terminals in Kano and Kaduna that are serviced by rail lines, truck parks and host officials of the Nigeria Customs Service. Our clients rely on us to get their containerized cargo from Lagos ports to Kano and Kaduna thereby saving them the hassle of dealing with Lagos ports or conveyance of containers from Lagos to Northern Nigeria.

Inland Container Depot - ICNL is currently developing an Inland Container Depot in Kaduna in conjunction with the Kaduna State Government. Our Inland Container Depot will be the equivalent of a seaport located in the hinterland. It will receive containers by rail from the Lagos seaports for examination and clearance by Nigeria Customs Services. It will have all the loading and off-loading equipment needed to handle container and general cargo. It will bring shipping services to the door step of shippers across the nation, assist in decongestion of Lagos seaports, engender the development of railway for cargo traffic and assist in the reduction of overall cost of transiting cargo to landlocked neighbouring countries.

Freight Forwarding - ICNL organizes the transportation of cargo for individuals, small and medium scale enterprises, conglomerates and governments. We arrange transportation of cargo between locations in Nigeria, across West Africa or across other international locations. Our freight forwarding professionals are certified by the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria and they are experts in applicable laws and regulations.

Logistics - ICNL offers cargo handling equipment at our inland container terminals for the benefit of our clients. We also offer supply chain management services and cargo storage facilities for our customers. We also lease heavy equipment to our industrial clients for their day to day operations.

Shipping - ICNL provides ship husbandry services to principals' vessels whose interest are not represented in Nigeria. This involves the physical representation of the ship owner for the owner's account, assisting the ship to have the best possible dispatch by defending the commercial interest of the ship when in port, ensuring a quick and efficient port call and turn around.