Chrome Group is a leading multibillion Naira regional conglomerate based in Abuja, Nigeria.

Founded in 1994 as an engineering outfit to handle projects for the Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company, South West Nigeria.

Major milestones include:


Turn-Around Maintenance & Rehabilitation Projects

  • Turn-around Maintenance (TAM) of Old and New Port Harcourt Refineries – done by Chrome Consortium (where Chrome Oil Services was the leading partner), included static, dynamic, and electrical and instrumentation equipment and civil works.
  • The rehabilitation projects, 60 numbers initially required, civil, mechanical (static and rotary), electrical and instrumentation works.
  • Completed in Nov 2005, and valued at more than 100 million US Dollars.
  • EPC project for civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works for the replacement of fire water pumps (Diesel and Electrical), New Basin chamber and Water Catchment at Fire Water Station; New Portable Water Facilities (borehole, water treatment unit, water storage tank, piping/electrical/instrument connections)

Rehabilitation Projects

The scope of works undertaken by Chrome Consortium (where Chrome Oil Services is the lead partner) is for the completion of separate projects, as follows: replacement of diesel and fuel pumps 52P11A; replacement of old marketing area separator effluent pumps; third demin train and additional demineralization tank; additional raw water tank and associated facilities; back-up initiation for remote operated valves; replacement of crude and fuel oil metering system, rehabilitation of obsolete laboratory equipment and rehabilitation of sanitary system.

Maintenance Jobs

Chrome Oil Services has been mobilized in PHRC and performed jobs (many of them on emergency basis) whenever requested. Pressure test and replacement of Air Fin Coolers in VDU – hydrotesting of 16A03 and 14A08 Bundles in Area 3 (FCC Unit); transportation of 250 ton Link Belt Crane to /from site, provision of Crane for Replacement of 15A03 bundles (in VDU), etc.

Import Berth Platform (offshore Escravos Area)

Rehabilitation of Topside Structure

EPC project for rehabilitation of structure on bottom (including boat landing), sellar and main decks, Replacement of IBP Marine Crane

Fire Fighting Rehabilitation Project

EPC project for civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works for the replacement of fire water pumps (diesel and electrical)

Rehabilitation of Gas Metering Facilities

EPC project replacement of instruments and related piping.


EPC Adanga-Calabar 107 kilometer, 24” Gas Transmission Pipeline and Metering Station Project

The scope of work includes detailed engineering design leading to onshore/offshore pipeline construction (107 kilometers in length), metering station construction, pig traps (launcher/receiver), riser, design/installation, commissioning and training of client personnel, etc.

Warri – Jetty Rehabilitation Project

EPC project for rehabilitation civil works of Cargo and Product Berths, drainage, roads, and shoreline.

Project is ongoing, and placement of order for the procurement of all lead items: 24’’ line pipes, valves/fittings and metering station process equipment have been made and delivery and installation scheduled from October 2009. This project is worth 156 million US Dollars.