Chrome Group has a variety of products and services, cutting across several sectors of the economy. Its products cut across the Aviation Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Energy and Power Industry, Financial Industry and the Communication industry. All these are geared towards meeting Chrome's mission which states: "To provide services and products of international standards through cutting edge innovations, while mindful of our social responsibilities".

Drilling Services

Total drilling operations from site preparation to the installation of the Christmas tree, casting, fishing, directional drilling, well cleanout.


We are licensed to transact all classes of insurance business such as general business, Life and Personal and Special Risk. Some of our insurance policies include: Fire and Special perils, Consequential Loss and Energy etc.

Information Technology

Choffan Communication is licensed by both the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) and the National Broadcasting Communication.

Destination Inspection

Destination Inspection is a service where goods are inspected on arrival in the importing country as opposed to the more traditional method of Pre-Shipment Inspection where goods are inspected in the country of supply.

Other special services that the Group offers include:

  • Plant and equipment maintenance
  • Oil desalting/crude (atmospheric) distillation
  • Light end processing, vacuum distillation, visi-breaking
  • Hydro-desulphurization, merox treatment, coking
  • Isomerization
  • Normlparafins separation (Molex/Parax) hydro cracking
  • Sour gas treatment, tube oil treatment (extraction, dew axing)
  • Propane de-asphalting, blending, bitumen
  • Amine regeneration
  • Fluid catalytic cracking, catalytic reforming/CCR, aromatics fractionation.