Chrome Group's Corporate Social Responsibility/Community Relations Strategy is hinged on one cardinal principle - to improve the quality of life, and be a catalyst for development and social change within and beyond our areas of operation. In doing this, we continually strive:

  • To be the catalyst for socio-economic change as stakeholders in the community
  • To build capacity as a means for self reliance and economic empowerment
  • To entrench and foster the principle of sustainable development
  • To contribute in building a stable and enduring future for our host communities

We treat the host communities as an extension of our business in terms of needs and aspirations; this gives the communities a sense of belonging as stakeholders in our business and operations. Our overall engagement covers the following broad areas: Youth empowerment; projecting and promoting a greener, renewable and sustainable environment. In this regard, we partner with organisations like the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) to deliver on our promise.


In addition to its commercial business activities, the group engages in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes through which it intervenes strategically in key areas of youth empowerment and promoting and sustaining a renewable and greener environment. The group employs over 800 staff worldwide. Chrome Group is also a non-racial and equal opportunity employer.