Chrome3.jpgSince 1994, the Chrome Group, a leading indigenous Oil and Gas service group has been operating successfully in Nigeria, and has achieved tremendous growth and diversification since its debut in the country's petroleum industry.

Over the 18 years of existence, the group has remained resolute in blazing the trail in indigenous participation in Nigeria's Oil and Gas industry, by undertaking projects hitherto exclusively reserved for foreign companies operating in the industry.

Long before the Nigerian Content policy began to gain ground in the nation's socio-political and economic consciousness, companies like the Chrome Group had demonstrated adequate competence and capacity in the execution of oil and gas projects, which gave the Federal Government of Nigeria the confidence to push for more indigenous involvement in the sector.

The purpose of the Nigerian Content Development, which became a law in 2010, is not only to enhance indigenous expertise through technology transfer, but also to increase the contribution of the Oil and Gas sector to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The Chrome Group believes that the Nigerian Content program of the Federal Government provides a huge key strategic investments made in the electrical, instrumentation equipment and opportunity for indigenous companies in the Oil and Gas sector, and has therefore placed Chrome in a pivotal role in assisting government to meet its aspirations in this regard.

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