Sir Emeka Offor, the former Nigerian chairman of Houston-based ERHC Energy has said that he has no plans to divest his interest in ERHC.

Sir Emeka Offor, the former Nigerian chairman of Houston-based ERHC Energy has said that he has no plans to divest his interest in ERHC. Indeed, he is currently consulting on enhancement of that holding. In a statement released to the press in Abuja, Nigeria, by the Group Chief Communications Officer, Mr. Val Oji confirmed that the holding of the billionaire businessman who voluntarily resigned as chairman and director of ERHC recently to concentrate on growth plans for Chrome Group, remains intact.  "ERHC remains a healthy and viable business; our commitment to the company is total; therefore the issue of divesting does not in any way arise", the statement concluded. 

In another development, the group informed journalists that it has repositioned its operations to meet the ever-changing challenges of doing business in a developing economy. Under the new arrangement, the oil and gas giant has rolled out a robust Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme aimed at affecting the lives of Nigerians positively, and other host communities where it operates. To be fully integrated into its corporate strategy in line with emerging best-in-class global practices, the main thrust of the CSR programme is uplifting the wellbeing and living standards of the host communities where it operates and Nigerians in general.

Chrome Group will in the immediate future give more back to society. The CSR-centric strategy as envisaged will in the next two years focus on two key areas of intervention namely: youth empowerment and promotion of a renewable, sustainable and more conducive environment.

Explaining the reason behind the new strategy, Mr. Oji said, "Chrome Group in line with the philosophy of its founding fathers has made considerable inroads in Nigeria and countries outside Nigeria and, in most of these places has left a positive mark on the business landscape and continues to do so till date. The time has come to re-strategize and reposition with a view to remembering all those that are contributing to the success story that the group has become today. Today is the beginning of a whole new chapter in the life of the group - an era of total alignment of the group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes with its corporate strategy".  

Expatiating, Mr. Oji continued, "Having contributed in no small measure to the GDP of Nigeria and to some extent, though in much smaller measure, to that of other nations, we at Chrome can today look back with nostalgia to our humble beginning even as we are challenged by what the group has achieved so far" . "The future belongs to the courageous and we are fully prepared to take advantage of the gains of democracy as Nigeria consolidates democratically with the first ever successful civilian-to-civilian transfer of power, " he concluded.

Drawing from examples outside the shores of Nigeria, Mr. Oji continued,  "The globally accepted standards of a roundly-successful company is not just a company whose balance sheet is healthy and one that is making truckloads of money, but a socially responsible company - a company that does business with a heart . Look at the CSR records of Johnson & Johnson worldwide - it is perhaps one of the most respected companies globally, and this feat was achieved not only by satisfying shareholders year in year out  - that is important -  but by the religious execution of a sustainable and rigorous worldwide CSR strategy.  Chrome Group is set to reach out to the society at large in a manner that is not only profound and true to its business strategy, but also in ways that touch a critical mass of our stakeholders".

"What we are doing today is simply to unveil the framework of this new strategy to our media friends. We shall in due course explain the various stages of the CSR-centric strategy and announce the various tactical programmes envisaged to achieve the broad objective of contributing substantially to the overall wellbeing of our youths and towards bequeathing a cleaner and healthier environment to our children and children's children". 

Concluding, Mr. Oji said, "We owe it to ourselves and posterity to prevent man's continued degradation of planet earth, or in the least, not contribute to this condemnable act. "Savage capitalism", in the words of an eminent and exalted global apostle of God belongs to history,  as the true new world order is replete with Mantras of responsible capitalism". 

About Chrome Group

Chrome Group is a leading multibillion dollar regional conglomerate based in Abuja, Nigeria with vast interests in oil and gas, insurance, destination inspection services, bio-fuels energy production, petroleum products trading, real estate, logistics and dredging services. Chrome Oil Services Limited, the pioneer company in the group has been doing business since the early 1990s and has handled key projects (as part of a consortium) like the turnaround maintenance (TAM)for the Port Harcourt refinery- Nigeria's largest refinery. In addition to its commercial business activities, the group engages in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes through which it intervenes strategically in key areas of youth empowerment and promoting and sustaining a renewable and greener environment. The group employs over 800 staff worldwide. Chrome Group is also a non-racial and equal opportunity employer.


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Group Chief Communications Officer 
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