Sir Emeka Offor Urges Athletes to Use Games to Inspire Others with Disabilities

IMG_6106.jpgABUJA, June 23, 2014 - With support from the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation, athletes from the Nigerian Paralympic Committee will be part of the 10th Under-23 World Junior Games. The Sir Emeka Offor Foundation, a non-governmental, philanthropic organization focused on youth employment, families, education, healthcare and infrastructure development, today announced the donation of of 2.6 million Naira to help send the Nigerian athletes to the event, organized by the International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports (IWAS) Federation.

The Under-23 World Junior Games offers the world’s best young athletes with disabilities the opportunity to compete in diverse games that used to be the exclusive reserve of able-bodied men and women. Nigerian athletes won six of the 20 gold medals at the previous Paralympics Games. Records indicate the majority of the participants from Nigeria are Polio survivors.

A lack of funds made participation of the Nigerian athletes doubtful. However, the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation and its Founder, Sir Emeka Offor, who is also Rotary International Polio Ambassador in Nigeria, offered financial support and strong words of encouragement. At a meeting at the headquarters of the Chrome Group, Sir Emeka told the group, “Our Foundation is interested in supporting good projects especially when it has to do with polio survivors and disabled people. We’ll do whatever we can to support you because your success will encourage other survivors to develop confidence in themselves and come to the understanding that there is ability in disability.”

The delegation included Engr. Augustine Onwuamaegbu - National President of Persons with Disability Initiative Nigeria, Monday Emoghavwe – weight lifter and President of the Paralympic Committee of Nigeria, as well as Kingsley Ezeadim, David Ombugudu, Emmanuel Godwin and Emmanuel Nweke. Sir Emeka urged them to use the platform of the Paralympics Committee to reach out to other disabled people in the society especially those that desire to be better. He encouraged them to win the gold medals and come back as worthy ambassadors of Nigeria.

In his appreciation speech, Mr. Emoghavwe said, “I thank Sir Emeka Offor Foundation for championing the cause of making people living with disability happy. Since I joined the Paralympic Committee, I have not seen or heard of any philanthropist or organization supporting persons with disability the way you are.”

Sir Offor has made relentless efforts in the fight to eradicate Polio from Nigeria and indeed the world by his generous donations of over $3 million USD to Rotary Polio Plus. Meanwhile, the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation has organized massive Polio Immunization campaigns.

Polio victims face the daily challenges that life presents and the challenges of living with disability. The Sir Emeka Offor Foundation hopes Nigeria's athletes competing in the Under-23 World Junior Games serve as role models for those in developing countries like Nigeria to encourage those with disabilities to strive for more.

The 10th Under-23 World Junior Games is slated for August 3-8, 2014 at Stoke Mandeville Sport Stadium in the United Kingdom.

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