Vehicles will be allocated to staff as part of the new policy put in place administratively in the New Year. This was made known to Chrome Digest by the Group Admin Manager (GAM), Chief Innocent Anoliefo in an exclusive interview held recently.

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Chief Anoliefo, popularly referred to as GAM, identified some of the major policies and programmes his office in tandem with Management hope to implement and achieve this year. GAM noted that Management has a robust plan for the year, one of which includes an ongoing effort to formulate or reformulate the admin policy that will see to the restructuring of the entire Chrome Group. He said part of the expectations that will emerge from this is a reformulated admin handbook, policy or manual that will streamline in a better way the activities of the admin officers and departments across the entire Group. This he said is one of the things Management hopes to achieve this year to enhance the administrative duties in the Group. He also added that with the ongoing reforms, Management hopes to come out with a unified system of administering the Chrome Group.

Answering questions bothering on vehicle allocation to staff, GAM restated that it is a policy Management hopes to streamline to make it system run and operated. He noted that allocation of vehicles will depend on the level of staff.

“We are articulating, for example, official vehicles and trying to see whether we can build into it loans for vehicles for all cadre of staffs which are some of the things we want to input into the system and once that is approved, it becomes a handbook guide to be operated. Therefore, official vehicles for staff depend on your cadre or level. Even the type of vehicle depends on your level…,” he said.

In the area of welfare, GAM insisted that such will not be done in isolation of the HR department. He pointed to some of the welfare gestures made in the last months of 2014 were staff were paid thirteenth month salaries, provided with Christmas gifts among other welfare initiatives. The gesture he said has not been done since the inception of the organization and is part of the things being put in place.

“We worked on this with the HR department and achieved remarkable success in it. These things are innovations which were not there before and happened probably for the first time which we hope to continue as long as all staff remains dutiful, well behaved, responsible and responsive to their duties.

“Management will also keep striving for a better condition of service so we hope to even do more in the course of the year. Those things are gradual which of course is not easy. A lot of things that have not been there and which involve finance are not easy in the way we see them but we will keep pushing. Last year could probably be the best year for those who have been here and we hope even this year will be best better if there is anything like that,” he observed.”

On the mortgage issue raised last year, GAM noted that the development was wonderful because three quarters of staff have signed and showed interest in it. “We are going ahead with it because the staff wants it, and as we can see, it is beneficial and a savings scheme for staff. It is a win-win situation and from what have come to me, we are going ahead,” he said.