Sir Emeka Offor Foundation Contributes Rice to Widows
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The Sir Emeka Offor Foundation (SEOF) once more doled out some 2,000 bags of rice to the widows under the SEOF Widowhood Scheme on the August 26, 2012.

During the presentation ceremony, the Founder of SEOF, Sir Emeka Offor, Chairman of The Chrome Group, also used the opportunity to redeem the pledge of N 7 Million he made to them earlier.

The SEOF Widowhood Scheme is one of the several schemes under SEOF. Under this initiative, the women who number some 2000 are divided into seven Cooperative Societies each autonomous and operating different trades. The Founder of SEOF has so far provided a sum of N7 Million for each of the seven Cooperative Societies as operational fund, which sums up to a total of N49 Million.

At the presentation ceremony he directed that each of the seven Cooperative Societies nominate two members each for sponsorship to India for training in modern cooperative activities. Last year he similarly sponsored their nominated members to Israel for pilgrimage.