Global Pipeline Construction Integrity and Maintenance Conference
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Kaztec Engineering Ltd. participated in the 2012 Global Pipeline Construction, Integrity & Maintenance Conference in Dubai held October 8-10, 2012. Industry leaders and professionals in pipeline community globally representing Major NOCs & IOCs participated.

2012 Global Pipeline Construction, Integrity & Maintenance Conference is supported by PLAN & Pipeline Technology Center CTDUT Brazil. Some of the key topics that were covered included:
♦ Pipeline Planning & Design
♦ Pipeline Construction Rehabilitation
♦ Pipeline protection in Sabkha soils.
♦ Managing the operation of pipelines at risk of scc.
♦ Construction and Maintenance Best Practices
♦ Selection of Material for Pipeline.
♦ GRE pipeline and Cladded Pipelines to encounter the corrosion.
♦ Tie –ins on existing pipeline
♦ External Coating
♦ Pipeline Risk, Reliability & Assessment
♦ Pipeline Locating & Inspection
♦ Pipeline Integrity Management
♦ Evaluating Pipeline Integrity
♦ Pipeline Operation Problems
♦ Facilities Integrity Management
♦ Cleaning and Coating of Pipelines During Rehabilitation
♦ Repairing Pipelines During Rehabilitation
♦ Rehabilitation Process and Procedures
♦ Non-Destructive Testing and In-Line Inspection