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“We have done very well” – Chief Inno Anoliefo

As part of our CHAT WITH MANAGEMENT segment, Chrome Digest took time out with Chrome Group Admin Manager, Chief Innocent Anoliefo (GAM) to discuss a number of issues pertaining to Chrome’s administration in 2014 and the current year. A number of questions and issues were raised bothering on synergies, collaborations and partnerships, and how Chrome’s new administrative policies will affect the respective subsidiaries, several of our working partners and staff. Also discussed was how these new policies will impact on the administrative workings of Chrome as a whole. Enjoy! Chrome Digest: The duties of your office are quite enormous and demanding. Could you intimate us on what the office entails as far as the Chrome Group is concerned? GAM: First, the office is umbilical and linked to other departments like the Human Resource (HR) and Finance departments. The admin department …